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Minutes of the Computer Policy Group meeting Date: Friday October 27, 2006 Place: Library, Room 217 Present: Beatrice Nichols, Holger Mauch, Walter Moore, Scott Hale, Tammy Marshall

The meeting began at 2:00pm

1. The meeting minutes of October 6, 2006 were approved as read.

2. Old business

a) Revision of the charge – the committee reviewed a draft of proposed changes to the charge as prepared by Walter Moore and Bill Junkin. One change to the draft was proposed, the addition of the Director of Instructional Technology as a permanent member of the committee.

ACTION ITEM: Beatrice Nichols will submit the draft to FCC subject to the change.

b) Follow up on the CPG wiki – thanks to the efforts of Steve Weppner, CPG has a functioning wiki. The wiki will be used for collaborative work on policies in progress. Approved policies will be saved to the CPG folder on the V: drive and published to the Eckerd community as appropriate.

c) Open access software endorsement—the committee reviewed a declaration in favor of availability and promotion of Free and open source software.

ACTION ITEM: The declaration will be posted to the community viewing and comment area mentioned in new business below.

d) Unit planning for hurricane preparedness—the committee reviewed a policy outlining information to be included in unit plans for hurricane preparedness and suggested additions and changes.

ACTION ITEM: The policy draft will be posted to the CPG wiki for Committee input. Changes will be compiled and submitted to the committee for approval at the next CPG meeting.

e) Continuation of discussion surrounding data sensitivity issues—

Beatrice Nichols noted that the previous action item regarding the display of student DOBs on the face of the ID was not a computing policy issue, but a broader issue of student data handling. She noted that she had contacted Susan Harris, Chair of Student Affairs via email with regard to this item.

Beatrice Nichols reported on her discussion with Frank Abney, Manager of Administrative Software Systems, regarding the scope of sensitive data access and use across the campus. It was noted that these issues are beyond the scope of CPG given the current committee charge. These issues were tabled for future discussion.

The proposed policies titled “Acceptable Encryption Policy” and “Data Sensitivity for Mobile/Off-campus Storage Devices” were reviewed and approved subject to changes noted.

[My notes are bad here – did we approve both of these?]

ACTION ITEM: The approved policies will be posted to the public viewing and comment area when it is available.

3. New Business

a) Policy viewing/comment area—Walter Moore announced that an intranet location was almost complete for use by CPG. This intranet, password protected area will be used to post policies crafted by CPG for viewing and comments by the Eckerd community before final implementation. Length of the viewing and comment will vary dependent on the complexity and scope of the policy, with a minimum time of four weeks.

ACTION ITEM: Beatrice Nichols will announce the viewing area to the campus community when it is available. Existing and new policies will be posted.

b) Email received by CPG from a faculty member since the last meeting was discussed in relation to data sensitivity issues. Both Frank Abney and Walter Moore had responded to this community member’s concerns.

c) Email aliases—new subject/issue oriented email aliases were discussed. A faculty member’s request for an un-moderated, faculty-only list that faculty cannot opt out of was discussed.

ACTION ITEM: Issue to be discussed at a future meeting.

d) Encryption of wireless access points was introduced as a topic for a future meeting.

e) The need for a policy on responses to copyright complaints was discussed.

ACTION ITEM: Walter Moore will post his working draft to the wiki for online discussion.

f) The Director of Instructional Technology, Bill Junkin, submitted via email a list of issues of concern to CPG.

ACTION ITEM: Beatrice Nichols will copy the list to the wiki. CPG members will work on prioritizing these to work on throughout the coming year.