8/19/08 Announcement concerning the reopening of Eckerd College on 8/20/08

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Dear AT17 Students:

You should have received word that Eckerd College will resume operations tomorrow, Wednesday, 20 August 2008.

Please visit Eckerd's Tropical Weather Update for up-to-date information. You have also been emailed about this.

Please read the following instructions regarding Eckerd's reopening and how it affects our class very carefully.

1. Eckerd College will reopen to students on Wednesday, 20 August 2008, at 12.00 pm.

This means that, if you live on campus, you must make plans to return to the campus tomorrow. The library and dining facilities will also be open, making it possible to work on your final projects once you have settled back in.

2. We will resume class on Thursday, 21 August 2008, 9.00 am - 12.00 pm.

I fully expect to see everyone in class on Thursday. Once again, do not panic. Make your plans to return to campus now. Your work that was originally due on that day (reading notes and all writing from this week) is STILL due.

3. Once I hear from some workshop facilitators, I will send you a revised schedule for the rest of Autumn Term.

Do not panic about that. And see below for important dates in the meantime.

4. Mentor Meetings originally scheduled for Monday will be held on Thursday, 21 August 2008, from 1.30-4.30 pm. Same time slots, same place, same order. Please do not miss your meeting.

5. We will hold a one-hour class session on Friday, 22 August 2008, from 9.00-10.00 am.

With any cancellation, we must find ways to make up the class time. This is one small way. Specific readings forthcoming.

6. I will collect a Final Project Progress Report from everyone on Friday at 9.00 am.

This is a one-day delay due to your inability to talk with library personnel while away. Instructions forthcoming.

7. We will still gather for Into the Streets on Friday, 22 August 2008, at 12.45 pm in Fox Hall.

Thank you for turning in your forms.

8. Fall Registration will begin on the afternoon of Monday, 25 August 2008.

As soon as the Registrar releases more details, I will let you know.

Do email me with any questions. Travel safely, and see you soon, Prof. L.