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Hopkirk Essay
Due in class Monday, April 4th

Source Book: Peter Hopkirk, Foreign Devils on the Silk Road (U. Massachusetts Press, 1980)

General Instructions: Write a 4-5 page essay (12-pt font, 1” margins, 1.5 spacing) which clearly and thoughtfully addresses the following set of questions. Your essay should be systematically organized and argued, and your assertions should be backed up with reference to specific passages in the source book, using MLA or Chicago style. You are welcome to use references besides Hopkirk; please make sure to cite them thoroughly as well.

Question: Analyze and assess the primary motivations that drove the “foreign devils” to explore the Silk Road and the actions they engaged in while there. Do you see them primarily as careful archaeological scientists, or more like tomb robbers? To what extent are their motivations and behavior relevant to the modern question of who “owns” Silk Road antiquities, and where they ought to be kept and displayed?