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The following is a series of links to a scanned version of Michael Tucker, Silk Road: Art and History. Clicking on a link will take you to a PDF file containing the indicated pages; thus, the link labeled "Tucker 09-19" will open up a new window with pages 9-19 on it. For your convenience, I have assembled the pages NOT in the order of the book, but in the order you will need to read them for class, each set filed under the day for which you need to read it. Because the PDF files have to be rather large (so the images show up clearly), a single day's reading is usually broken into several files (none larger than about ten pages) to make the downloads faster.

Readings for Mon, Feb 7th

[Tucker 9-19]
[Tucker 22-31]

Readings for Mon, Feb 14th

[Tucker 76-85]
[Tucker 86-96]
[Tucker 97-107]

Readings for Mon, Mar 7th

[Tucker 32-42]
[Tucker 43-53]
[Tucker 54-63]
[Tucker 188-197]
[Tucker 198-207]
[Tucker 208-211]

Readings for Mon, Mar 14th

[Tucker 110-120]
[Tucker 121-130]
[Tucker 131-142]
[Tucker 143-152]
[Tucker 153-162]
[Tucker 163-166 and 283-286]

Readings for Mon, Mar 21st

[Tucker 167-176]
[Tucker 177-185]

Readings for Wed, Apr 6th

[Tucker 66-75]

Readings for Wed, Apr 20th

[Tucker 212-221]
[Tucker 222-227]
[Tucker 246-254]
[Tucker 255-263]
[Tucker 264-270]
[Tucker 271-279]