AT17: 2008 Project Schedule with Links to Resources

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9.00 Christina Johnson, Rob Qually, and Emma Rafferty: Profile for Solar Temple at Religious Movements Homepage Project

9.45 Oliver Phelps: Manson Family "Today" Intro

10.00-10.10 break

10.10 Jimmy Edwards: Rick Ross, "Joseph Kibwetere and Ugandan Cult Mass Murder/Suicide"

10.25 Lauren Dorval: Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry's Entry on The Farm

10.40 Kelli Suffecool: Baha'u'llah and The Baha'i Faith, Part 1

10.55-11.00 break

11.00 Amy Schweig: Profile for Unification Church at Religious Movements Homepage Project

11.15 Andy Mutchler: Compare the following on Satanism-

11.30 Erik Burde: Ko Shimoku, Genkishen, Chapter 2 (Download PDF from this folder)

11.45 Nathan Silverman: Profile for International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) at Religious Movements Homepage Project


9.00 Lindsay Blume: Olson, "Aum Shinrikyo: Once and Future Threat?" and Laura Paganetti (Laura, I need to know if you will submit a reading along with Lindsay's, or Lindsay's the only one for your project)

9.30 Erin Walker and Amanda Walton:

10.00-10.10 break

10.10 Natalie Hughes: Profile for Osho/Rajnesshism at Religious Movements Homepage Project

10.25 Lindsey Kovalik: BBC News Wire, "Japanese doomsday group believes..." (Download PDF from this folder)

10.40 Arya Poppema-Bannon: "Kami's Arrangement," a faith story at the Konkokyo website

10.55-11.00 break

11.00 Erin O'Malley: "Edgar Cayce: Was He a Sleeping (False) Prophet?"

11.15 Meg Evans: "I am a Rastafarian" - last page of Erik Burde's PDF

11.30 James Branch: Reaves and Shaffer, "Polygamist sect target of Arizona-Utah inquiry"