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Autumn Term 2013: Grading

Course Grade

Grades are issued based on the instructor's judgment of the student's understanding of the concepts and principles in the course and also on the student's level of participation. Points are assigned for five categories, the maximum number of points in the course being 900. Maximum points are allotted in each category as follows:

200 Points: Class Attendance & Participation in Class Discussion

Note: Attendance is VITALLY important during Autumn Term. Only in the case of illness should any class be missed. At the first absence, you will be the subject of follow-up inquiry by the Residential Life staff! Also: it is important that you arrive on-time and alert.

200 Points: Daily Submissions (HW and MQ)

Late submissions will be accepted but graded at a 50% discount.

150 Points: Mid-Term Exam

200 Points: Research Paper

See the section on the paper for guidelines and suggested topics.

50 Points: Presentation of Research Topic

150 Points: Final Exam

50 Points: Out-of-Class-Participation

1000 Points Possible Total