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Eckerd College Graduates in the Academic Profession: From the 1980's

We are continually trying to keep this list accurate and up-to-date, but it is an amateur effort. Please email any corrections or additions to

Michele Acker (Psychology, 1989) PhD: University of Michigan, Associate Professor of Psychology and Assistant Dean, Otterbein College

Bette Joan Ackerman (Psychology, 1987) PhD: University of Florida, Associate Professor of Psychology, Rhodes College

Ann Hill Albritton (Humanities, 1983) PhD: City University of New York, Professor, Ringling College of Art and Design

Michelle Alvarez (BA, 1981) MA: University of Florida, Director of Intensive English Program, University of Miami

Carlos Barbas (Chemistry and Physics, 1985) PhD: Texas A&M University 1989, Professor and Kellogg Chair in Molecular Biology, Scripps Research Institute

Doris Bazzini (Psychology, 1988) PhD: University of Georgia, Professor of Psychology, Appalachian State University

James Bishop (Mathematics, 1989) MA: University of South Florida, Professor, Daytona Beach Community College

Scot Boeringer (Sociology, 1987) PhD: University of Florida, Instructor in Criminology, University of South Florida - Lakeland

Margaret (Davenport) Brommelsiek (Visual Arts, 1980) PhD: Florida State University, Chief of Staff, Chancellor's Office and Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, University of Missouri - Kansas City

David C. Brooker (Political Science & Russian, 1987) PhD: Miami University, Associate Professor of Political Science, Alverno College

Greg Byrd (Literature and Creative Writing, 1987) PhD: University of North Carolina - Greensboro, Professor of English, St. Petersburg College

Janis Cannon-Bowers (Psychology, 1980) PhD: University of South Florida, Associate Professor of Digital Media, University of Central Florida

[Mark Caprio (Psychology, 1980) Professor, Rikkyo University (Japan)

Kelley Carrick (Biology, 1988) MD: University of South Florida, Assistant Professor of Pathology, University of Texas Southwestern

Bede Clarke (Visual Arts, 1983) MFA: University of Iowa, Professor of Art, University of Missouri - Columbia

Andrea (Clendenning) Young (Sociology, 1987) PhD: Florida State University, Senior Learning Officer, Centers for Disease Control

Debra (Plamowski) Copeland (Political Science, 1988) JD: Mercer University, Professor of Political Science, Valencia Community College (Orlando)

Leslie K. Curda (Psychology and Education, 1989) PhD: University of Oklahoma, Associate Professor of Professional and Community Leadership, University of West Florida

Mark Wayne Cushman (Psychology, 1984) PhD: Miami University, Lecturer in Psychology, Peace College (NC)

Yehia A. Daaka (Chemistry, 1986) PhD: University of South Florida, Distinguished Chair in Oncologic Pathology, Medical College of Georgia

W. Mark Dallas (Creative Writing & Literature, 1988) MEd Georgia Southern University, Associate Professor of Reading and Director of Learning Support, East Georgia College

Jeffery Dattilo (Biology, 1987) MD: East Carolina University, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Margaret (Davenport) Brommelsiek (Visual Arts, 1980) PhD: Florida State University, Chief of Staff, Chancellor's Office and Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, University of Missouri - Kansas City

Melissa Demetrikopoulos (Chemistry & Psychology, 1986) PhD: University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey, Director of Scientific Programs and Chair of Program Development, Institute for Biomedical Philosophy (Florida)

Ronald Depeter (Creative Writing, 1987) PhD: Florida State University, Instructor of English, Ball State University.

Priscilla Echols (Literature, 1981) PhD: Emory University, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, Emory University

Elizabeth B. Ebbinghouse (Psychology, 1981) MA: University of North Florida, Professor of Psychology, Florida State College at Jacksonville

Kathie Erwin (BA, 1982) EdD: University of Sarasota, Assistant Professor of Psychology & Counseling, Regent University

Diane Ferris (Business Administration, 1986) MA: University of South Florida, Director of International Education, Eckerd College

Susan Sparling Finley (Sociology, & Human Development, 1985) MA: University of South Florida, Professor of Sociology, State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota

Victor Flessas (Creative Writing, 1982) MFA: University of Memphis, MA: Northwestern University, Assistant Director of International Programs, Northwestern University

Sonya Golden (Mathematics, 1989) Mathematics Instructor, Hillsborough Community College, Tampa

Terry (Harrison-) Goldman (Psychology, 1987) EdD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Brown University School of Medicine

Jennifer Jane Gould (Chemistry 1983) MD: Emory University, Clinical Assistant Professor, Emory University School of Medicine

Terry (Harrison-) Goldman (Psychology, 1987) EdD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Brown University School of Medicine

Stephen D. Hensley (Human Resources, 1988) DMin: Trinity Theological Seminary, Vice-President for Academic Affairs, South Atlantic Theological Seminary

David Hoffman (Human Resources & Psychology, 1984) PhD: University of Maryland, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Truman State University (MO)

Stanton Hunter (Cross-Cultural Developmental Psychology/Alternative Education, 1980) MFA: University of Southern California, Associate Professor of Art, Chaffey College (CA)

Virginia Husting (Sociology, 1985) PhD: University of Illinois, Associate Professor of Sociology, Boise State University

Stacey Johnson (Chemistry, 1988) MS: Emory University, Instructor in Chemistry, Western Piedmont Community College (NC)

William Kelly (Chemistry, 1980) PhD: University of South Florida, Associate Professor of Rhetoric, Eckerd College

Paul Kirchman (Biology, 1987) PhD: Emory University, Associate Professor of Biology and Chair of Honors College, Florida Atlantic University

James Timothy Kiser (Management, 1987) MDiv: Columbia Theological Seminary, Assistant Professor of Religion and Philosophy, Missouri Valley College

James Krest (Marine Science, 1988) PhD: University of South Carolina, Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Science, University of South Florida - St. Petersburg

Dennis LeHane (Creative Writing, 1988) Writer in Residence, Eckerd College

Todd Linafelt (Religious Studies, 1987) PhD: Emory University, Professor of Theology, Georgetown University

Laura Martin (German & Chemistry, 1984} PhD: Emory University, Senior Lecturer in Comparative Literature, University of Glasgow (SCOTLAND)

Dale McConkey (Sociology, 1987) PhD: University of Illinois, Chaplain and Associate Professor of Sociology, Berry College (GA)

Warren G. McDonald (Management, 1983) PhD: Columbia Pacific University; PhD: Touro University International, Professor of Health Care Administration, Director of the Professional MBA Program, Co-Director of Health Care Administration Program, Methodist University (NC)

Kathleen McKinney (Psychology, 1987) PhD: Michigan State University, Assistant Professor, Division of Social Work, University of Wyoming

Gretchen Meinke (Chemistry, 1984) PhD: Georgia Institute of Technology, Research Associate, Sackler School of Biomedical Sciences, Tufts University

William R. Miller (Creative Writing, 1982) PhD: SUNY Binghamton, Associate Professor of English, York College of Pennsylvania

Frank Miskevich (Chemistry, 1980) PhD: California Institute of Technology, Assistant Professor of Biology, Texas A&M - Commerce

Karin Musier-Forsyth (Chemistry, 1983) PhD: Cornell University, Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry and Ohio Eminent Scholar, Ohio State University

Joanna Oestmann (Human Resources, 1981) PhD: University of Sarasota, Faculty, University of Maryland University College

Lars Olson (Economics and Mathematics, 1981) PhD: Cornell University, Professor and Chair, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Maryland

Nick Palantzas (BA, 1980) MA: Framingham State College, Vice-President, Massasoit Community College

John Pearson (Psychology, 1981) PhD: Boston University, Professor of English, Director of General Studies Program, Stetson University

John Pelot (Creative Writing, 1983) MFA: University of North Carolina, Professor of Arts & Sciences, Edison State College (FL)

Elaine Raybourn (Visual Arts, 1985) PhD, University of New Mexico, National Laboratory Professor of Communication & Journalism, University of New Mexico

Kenneth Roberts (International Studies, 1981) PhD: Stanford University, Professor of Government, Cornell University

Karen (Smith) Ryabchenko (International Business & International Studies, 1987) PhD: SUNY Binghamton, Assistant Director of PTSD Clinic of the Veteran's Administration (where she supervises of Graduate Students, Interns and Postdoctoral Fellows for Boston University School of Medicine)

Ellen Shupe (Biology, 1988) PhD: University of Illinois, Associate Professor of Psychology, Grand Valley State University

Susan Slaugenhaupt (Biology, 1985) PhD: University of Pittsburgh 1991, Associate Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School

Lora Smith (Biology, 1982) PhD: University of Florida, Associate Scientist, Jones Ecological Research Center at Ichauway (branch of University of Georgia Odum School of Ecology) See also here

Dana Rice Snyder (BA, 1982) MA: University of Akron, Professor of Theatre/Dance (Retired), Cuyahoga Community College (OH)

Ernest Suarez (Psychology, 1980) PhD: University of Wisconsin, Ordinary Professor and Department Chair of English, Catholic University of America

Anne Sumner (Creative Writing & Literature, 1989) PhD: University of South Florida, Instructor of Developmental English, Hillsborough Community College

Michael Sunich (Human Resources, 1983) PhD: Western Michigan University, Assistant Professor, Troy University (Colorado Springs Site)

Jeffrey Alan Thomas (American Studies & Philosophy, 1988) PhD: Texas Tech University, Dean of Academic Affairs, Miami-Dade College (Homestead Campus)

Andrew Traver (History, 1989) PhD: University of Toronto, Associate Professor of History, Southeastern Louisiana University

Leslie A. Wasson (Sociology, 1984) PhD: SUNY Stony Brook, Director of Institutional Research Planning and Assessment, Lynn University (FL)

Robert E. Waters (American Studies and Economics, 1982) PhD: Stanford University, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of Maryland

Barbara E. Withers (Psychology, 1988) PhD: University of Colorado, Professor of Management Science, University of San Diego

Lisa (Wolford) Wylam (Literature, 1986) PhD: Northwestern University, Associate Professor of Theatre Studies, York University (CANADA)

Andrea (Clendenning) Young (Sociology, 1987) PhD: Florida State University, Senior Learning Officer, Centers for Disease Control