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Adding users and giving them permission

If you are an Eckerd faculty member you have the ability to add users to your class and the Eckerd Wiki in general

Adding users

[1] First log in as yourself in the upper right hand corner

[2] Using the toolbox (bottom left sidebar) click on Special:Specialpages

[3] Find Log in / Create Account and click on it

[4] Fill in the username (use Eckerd username if they have one!), email address and Real name boxes. Leave the password boxes empty!

[5] Click on E-mail password. The person will get a notice in their email box with a random password assigned to them. Note that if they have an Eckerd email account their Eckerd password will also work!

Changing permissions

[6] Now they need permissions to edit your class pages. Lets say you want to add them to your physical chemistry class. Go back to Special:Specialpages and at the bottom click on User Rights Management

[7] Type in the new user's username and highlight the class, committee, or collegium you want them to have permission for in the scrolldown menu on the right (for physical chemistry highlight ch321-hudson)

[8] Click "Save User Groups". Done.