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To post comments

  • log in using your eckerd email and password on any page (upper right hand corner)
  • wait a few seconds as the Wiki takes you back to this page
  • hit the "edit" tab above and type in the box.
  • After a comment leave your visible signature behind with: --~~~~ (four tilde's). This can also be created by pressing the "signature" tab Button sig.png
  • Save your work by hitting "Save page" at the bottom of the page--Weppnesp 18:50, 15 October 2006 (EDT)

Creating pages

Let us assume your "folder" is labeled "PH242N-001" and this will be the prefix to all the page names you create. The "Main" page, which was created for you, is designated "PH242N-001:Main". Notice the format is "Prefix:Name of Page". You can reach these pages by either following links or typing the full name in the search box (at left) and pressing "Go".

You are free to create pages off of your "folder". Some examples could be:

  • PH242N-001:Oct 17 2006
  • PH242N-001:Open Source Documents

Again, type one of these names in the search box (left) and then hit Go. If the page does not already exist, the wiki will ask if you want to create it. A discussion page can also be created to accompany any new wiki page you start, just by clicking on the "discussion" tab at the top. You and your students can use discussion pages for commenting on work, offering suggestions, and so forth.

A few words on permissions

By default all pages are public. If you are a faculty member you should be able to create and edit any page with any name. The rational for the prefixes (see above) is that students by default can only read pages. If a student is registered for a class which is on a wiki then the student will only be able to edit pages which begin with the correct prefix. If you would like permission options that are different than the default (pages that are private, giving students the ability to create pages) contact Steve Weppner.

Linking to your pages

It is easy, and a courtesy to visitors, to add links on your Main page that lead to other pages you make. (Think of your Main page as a table of contents.) A simple way to do this is to use the Button link.png button on your edit toolbar to create a link to an Eckerd wiki page. If you look closely, you will see that an internal link is formed by brackets: [[Link title]] around a page's name. For example, the link

Notes for the meeting of October 17th, 2006 This page contains...

was created by putting the following text in the page's edit box:

[[PH242N-001:Oct 17 2006| Notes for the meeting of October 17th, 2006]] This page contains...

For more help on editing, adding images and tables, etc., go back to the Help page. Good Luck!