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> A few quick questions:

> 1. I know my pages are limited to my students (that's good), but I wouldn't mind if other faculty could see them. Is that how it's set up now?

yes it is. I just took a peek.

> 2. Is there a way to make the Main page visible to the larger public, and then other pages only to students? If so, I could create a welcome page that would give the course some outside visibility while still protecting other parts of the course. yes, easy. Any time you designate it with your personal prefix it has the defaults which you asked for. If the page has no special prefix then it defaults to everyone can read it but only professors can write or create it. Incidentally I copied it as a test, if you went this route you would just use the "move" tab at the top. If you move a page wiki automatically redirects all links to the new page! So one step to have an "open" main page

> 3. Is there a way to print the contents of a page nicely, without the left-side menu, etc.? (Rather than create two copies of syllabi with different formatting, I think I'm just going to print them off Wiki.)

Try it, most stuff disappears but there is a few wiki things left over. Incidentally this also seems browser dependent. I see you use templates. If you want to hide the template while printing make a temporary edit:

> 4. Can students create sub-pages within the course site? Yes, but the default is to turn this power off. It has been on before and used successfully in Carolyn's Native Indian class.

> 5. This is a weird and unlikely one--but can a wiki site get e-mail? (I often send important e-mails to my classes, and have always wanted a way to archive those e-mails in a place where students could find them easily after they've mistakenly deleted them from their inboxes.) The alternative would be: is there a way to post an announcement on wiki such that the class gets a copy of the announcement sent to them by e-mail (or at least notification that there is an announcement they need to go read)? (WebCT can't do this, do if Wiki can't, no problem. Just checking...)

No, sorry :)

> 6. Is there a way to keep/work on a page in something like draft form so that it's not visible, then release/publish it later?

Same technique as question #3, right. Special prefixes make things secret.