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You could put a discussion here (in the article) on these works... or using the Talk:Gallery_Example discussion area which can also be found pressing the discussion tab above

Note that these pictures are only thumbnails which can be enlarged (twice!) by tapping on the pictures!

What is nice is how simple this was to put together. The Eckerd community uploaded the original files and the gallery format took care of the thumbnails (Log in, press the edit tab to see how I set the gallery up). An issue of concern is that of copyright. With this software we can control who looks at it, opening it up to the whole world or limiting it to a professor and a few students.--Weppnesp 00:04, 31 August 2006 (EDT)

The uploaded images are stored at Special:Newimages.

This software is designed for Image gallerys and discussion. What a great combination! There are plenty of examples of this type. I borrowed the idea of this page from here.