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To Upload

1) have the image on your computer with a short, easy filename (this includes the .jpg or .gif extension, for example "Test Image.JPG")

2) know the destination page name, for example, WH182-023:MACHIAVELLI

3) look at the menus on the left of the Wiki page . . . find Upload File

4) when the menu opens, click "browse" and find your image on your computer--click on it

5) Write down the "destination filename" to remember it.

6) Press upload, if you are uploading a file with name already used you may have to Re-upload under a different "destination filename"

Now the image is uploaded into the Wiki under the name: Image:destination filename

To put image on editable page

1) Go to the page you would like to see the picture on and "hit" edit tab

2) type in [[Image:destination filename]] in the appropriate place

3) Save Page at the bottom.

4) You can use this image in as many places as you like SteveW.jpg

5) You can even change the size \rightarrow SteveW.jpg \leftarrow [[Image:SteveW.jpg|30px]]

6) Or the position:

\rightarrow [[Image:SteveW.jpg|right|30px]]


If the picture does not appear (but the link does in red) this means that the Wiki thinks the picture does not exist.

File:Steve W.jpg <-- Wrong (see the extra space)

Right --> [[Image:SteveW.jpg]] SteveW.jpg

1) Make sure that you typed the name in correctly, if still not showing then

2) Go to Special Pages (Left bottom tool bar) then Gallery of New Files and find your picture

3) Make sure you copy the name exactly including all spaces (cut and paste it in!)