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Antigone is the story of a young woman, niece of Creon, fiance of Haemon, and sister of Ismene, Polynices and Eteocles. Precluding the play there is a battle where Polynices and Eteocles, two brothers who were sharing the crown, kill each other. After the death of the two kings, Creon takes the crown. King Creon decrees that Polynices was a traitor and he should not be shown burial rights. King Creon also puts a guard by the body of his fallen nephew and tells the guard that nobody is to bury this body or death is the price they will pay. Antigone could not handle this news and decided to do something about it. Antigone tried to get her sister, Ismene, to help her sneak out and bury their beloved brother. Ismene is very cautious and is not sure that she wants to go and help. Then Antigone snuck out and buried her brother, only to have the guard tell Creon about what had happened. When King Creon is told who burried the body he is supprised that it was his own niece. He is forced to sentence her to death. Ismene tried to tell the king and the senate that she helped Antigone bury the body, but Antigone would not let her say this, saying that she acted alone. This could be considered a sign of pride. Creon locks Antigone up in a tomb alive to die. After all of this has taken place, a blind prophet, Tiresias, comes to tell King Creon that his house will be covered in blood if he does not change the things he has done. After hearing this, Creon takes men to break the door of the tomb down to save Antigone, and to go bury Polynices himself. To his surprise, the door of the tomb is opened and Antigone has killed herself by hanging. Haemon killed himself by falling on a sword out of grief for his wife-to-be, then Eurydice (Creon's wife) is overcome with grief for the loss of her son and kills herself. After this we see that the blind prophet was right.

In the story of Job God makes a bet with an angel named Satan who thinks that Job only worships god because god has rewarded his faith with rewards. So god lets satan cause a series of misfortunes that befall Job. Job first loses his property and all of his children are killed by a series of misfortunate accidents and attacks. After the lose of his property and children job becomes seriously ill. Jobs friends Eliphaz the Temanite, Bildad the shuhite, and Zophar the Naamathite, all of Job's friends try to convince Job that he has done something wrong and must there for repent for his sins. Elihu son of Barchael the buzite becomes angry with Job's friends for they blame him of sin with no answer and he is angry with Job because he justifies himself rather than God. Throughout the entire story Job proclaims his innocence. In the end God gives a sort of explanstion for his reasons on why aa this misfortune has fallen on Job. Job is then rewarded made a rich man again given children and lived one hundred and forty years. In Job reasons are given for why bad things happen to good people. One is the people are not really good they must have done something wrong to deserve their bad forture. Another reason was that there is a bigger purpose and reasoning behind the bad things that are happeneing to them. Also a reason given is that the things happening to them aren't really bad. The class came up with a few of there own ideas on why bad things happen to good people they were, bad things make people appreciate what they have, bad things happen for wrong reason like being at the wrong place at the wrong time, and bad people cause bad things to happen to good people. Some lessons from Job are to be fearful and respectful of god and not to question his ways. Another lesson is don't lose faith or get mad and don't blame god for your problems.