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This page demonstrates simple uses of the Jmol Mediawiki Extension. Examples were borrowed from this wiki...

Each applet can be "right clicked" for further options.

Other examples at Jmol Test2 Template:Jmol general Movie2.pdb

xyz file uploaded to the wiki

The Wiki can now upload "xyz,cml,mdl,pdb files. You upload them like a image file (see sidebar for link). If you need more extensions contact Steve Weppner. Also feel free to ask any questions on potential of this extension, I understand this Jmol script building pretty well.


An example movie

You can right-click on it to animate. This movie was uploaded to the wiki

caffeine script

This file was uploaded to the wiki. The surface and rotation script is on this wiki page

inlined data file

This complete molecule is embedded in this page so it can be updated and edited on the Wiki itself!