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Hurricane Contingency

Fall in Florida is Hurricane Season. Although the Eckerd Campus has never had a "direct hit," we do evacuate any time we come within a 5% probability cone of a hurricane's path, and we evacuate at least 2 days BEFORE the possible impact! The most recent evacuation was in Autumn Term 2008 for two days. Prior evacuations included two days during fall semester (September) of 2005, and in 2004 we evacuated THREE TIMES (twice in August, once in September). All these were for "only" two or three class days, but longer evacuations are certainly possible.

The College intends that, in the case of a LONG-TERM evacuation, on-going courses are to be completed on-line. While an evacuation of one, two, or three days might be a mere inconvenience, a longer (e.g., several weeks) evacuation requires more extensive planning. In that case, this website is the key for our course. Be aware that WHEN WE LEAVE we cannot know how long the evacuation will last. IF we must evacuate during our course, you need to:

1. Take your computer, textbook, and course materials with you.

2. When you are "settled" go on-line to this Wiki Site.

3. Instructions will be given over this site and/or over your Eckerd g-mail, which will remain in operation through an off-campus (California!) site.