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Omeros Chart: A guide to Derek Walcott's Omeros

Welcome to Omeros Chart.

This site is a work in progress created by students in "Caribbean Literature and Film," a course taught by Prof. Jared Stark at Eckerd College. Each time the course is taught, students add to and revise this site. We also welcome comments, corrections, and additions from readers.

Omeros Chart is envisioned as a navigational chart to Derek Walcott's book-length poem, Omeros. In that spirit, the students who contributed to this project have sought to create a series of "buoys" to help orient themselves and other readers as they steer through the poem. These buoys should be understood as the students' own attempts to navigate the poem, each finding its own way--and at times losing its way--through Walcott's richly allusive, and often elusive, language.

Each buoy consists of brief, reflective summaries of each section as well as a short interpretive commentary on the chapter as a whole. Links are also provided to a glossary of names, places, and unfamiliar terms.

Needless to say, there is no comparison between studying a navigational chart and making the journey itself.