Eckerd College, Natural Sciences Safe Operating Procedures
Emergency Response SOPs
Explosion Fire Hurricane Lightning Metallic Mercury Spills Hazardous Chemical Spill or Release 
Chemical Safety SOPs Waste Management SOPs Government Sites & Documents
Chemical Container Labeling  NAS Hazardous Waste Management Plan Occupational Safety and Health Administation (OSHA)
Chemical Security  Classification and Collection of Hazardous Waste OSHA Laboratory Standard
Compressed Gas Cylinders  Disposal of Dead Domestic and Wild Animals The OSHA Formaldehyde Standard
Flammable Liquids  Empty Container Disposal OSHA Technical Links
General Guidance for Chemical Storage  Ethanol Waste NAS Hazardous Waste Management Plan
Working With Hazardous Chemicals  Ethidium Bromide Disposal Chemical Hygiene Plan
Handling Cryogenic Material  Formalin Waste Carcinogenic Risks to Humans
MSDS Hazardous Waste Compatibility NTP Report on Carcinogens
Ordering, Receipt, and Distribution of Chemicals  Items Prohibited from Trash Cans and Dumpsters Chemical Compatibility Chart
Oxidizers  Mercury: Clean-up and Disposal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Personal Protective Equipment   Sewer Disposal List  CFR Title 40: Protection of the Environment
Pyrophoric Chemicals  Sharps (Non-Infectious) - Handling and Disposing Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Handling of Water-Reactive Chemicals Silica Gel, Molecular Sieve, and Dessicant  Disposal NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards
Use and Storage of Peroxide-Forming Chemicals 
Use of Corrosives
Biosafety SOPs  Laboratory SOPs 
Safe Use of Acrylamide Autoclave Safety Ground Glass and Glassware Cleaning Safety
Autoclave Operation and Safety Cart Safety Hot Plates, Drying Ovens, and other Heating Devices
Cleaning Up Spills of Biohazardous Material  Centrifuge Safety  Housekeeping in Labs
Disposing of Biohazardous Materials Compressed Gases Mercury: Clean-up and Disposal
Safe Use of Formaldehyde Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment  Microtome Safety
Sharps (Infectious) - Handling and Disposing Fieldtrip Sharps (Non-Infectious) - Handling and Disposing
Using Biosafety Cabinets Fire Extinguishers Ultrasonicator Safety
Fume Hoods: Working Practices Fume Hoods: Working Practices
Shop SOPs 
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Electrical Safety
General Safety
Machinery & Equipment Usage
Personal Protective Equipment for the Shop
Paint & Paint-Related Materials