How do I Duplicate a Course?

Sometimes you will have a new section (course) in Moodle and it would be handy to bring all or part of the material into this new section from another section that already has lots of material. Moodle back up utility allows you to duplicate a course. Here are the recommended steps to duplicate a course from Moodle.

Go to the prior term, log in, and go to the course you want to copy to the current term.

  1. Click on the "Backup" link under "Course Administration" (left side)
  2. Uncheck "Include Enrolled Users. Then click "Next" (lower right)
  3. Uncheck News Forum, and make sure there is a red "x" beside all User data. You can uncheck other items if you are sure you don't want them. Click "next" (bottom right)
  4. The next page allows you to review and verify your selections. Click "Perform Backup" (bottom right).
  5. The next page should state that the backup was successful. Click "Continue."
  6. The next page will display the backup file in your "Private Backup Area." The file will begin with the words "backup-moodle.....mbz" . In the middle, it will be the name of the course and the time that the backup was done. 20150804-1419 means that the backup was done on 08/04/2015. If you have done this more than once and/or done it for more than one course, the name of the course and the indicated day should help identify which file is which.
  7. If the backup file is smaller than 300MB, download the backup file to your computer (make sure you can find it after the download) and go on to step 8. If it is bigger than 300 MB, don't bother to save it to your computer but contact the Moodle administrator who will do the job for you.
  8. Go to your new course. You probably will have to log in to the new Moodle site.
  9. Click on "Restore" under "Course Administration."
  10. Drag and drop the backup file into the box that says "Choose a File" (You can also click on the "Choose a file" button and use the file picker.) Click "Restore."
  11. The next page will review what you have selected and indicate that the User data is missing. Click "Continue" (bottom right)
  12. VERY IMPORTANT. On the next page, use the option "Restore into the course" "Merge the backup course into this course."Click the "Continue" button right below this selection.
  13. The next page reviews what you have selected. Click "next" (lower right)
  14. The next page will review in greater detail what you have selected. The dates and course title probably will be incorrect. Don't worry about that. Click Next' (lower right). 
  15. One more chance to review Click "Perform restore" (lower right)
  16. The next page should say that the restore was successful. Click "continue"
  17. You should see your new course with all the materials from the prior course included. You may now move, edit, delete, hide, show, adjust dates, etc. for any of these activities and resources.
  18. If you have problems please contact the Moodle administrator at