Some squares in my grade book are brown. What does this mean?

The Moodle program will average all the grades in various categories and will also calculate a final (course) average. However, when you turn editing on, you have the ability to type values into the spaces where the average values are displayed. (Each of these columns has the Averaging symbol, Xbar, at the top of the column.) If you do type a value into one of these spaces, the Moodle program lets you override the calculated average and the values in that box no longer represent an average, even after you add additional grades in that category. The Moodle program turns that box brown to warn you that averaging has been turned off.

If you want to turn averaging back on, go to that box and click on the "Edit grade" icon for that box. There will be a check mark for "Overridden." If you uncheck that box, the Moodle program will average grades once again and the color of that box will be normal again.