Why can’t I see my courses for the next term?

Information about when courses for future terms can be seen.

Why can’t I see my courses for the next term even?

Soon after the registrar starts putting courses for the next term into the official database, a Course Materials site (Moodle) is created for the new term. Once this site is created a new link is placed in the top left area of the current site and clicking on this link will get you to the site for the future courses. There is a program that is run that adds courses, professors, and students to this site for the new term. However, this program is not run every day, so there may be a day or two delay after the registrar adds a course before it appears on the new site. Once the new term becomes the current term, this synchronizing program runs every night.
A professor cannot be added to the new site until the professor is listed by the registrar as being the professor for the course and the professor has an Eckerd College email user name and password.
To access courses from a prior semester, please click on the link to "Prior Terms" that is found near the top left of most Course Material (Moodle) sites.