Should I use Moodle messaging or the Eckerd email system to email students?

Information about which system is best for sending email messages, the Moodle messaging or the Eckerd email system.

When I send email messages to my students, should I use Moodle messaging or the Eckerd email system?

Both the Moodle messaging and the Eckerd email system will usually work to send messages to students in your classes. However, the Eckerd email system is almost always better. With the Eckerd email system you will have a record of the message in your "Sent" folder and you will receive a message if the email is not delivered, and neither of these will happen if you use the Moodle messaging system. In the Eckerd college email system an email alias is created for each course. Using that alias will send a message to the Eckerd College email address of every student officially registered in the course. This utility is only available when the course is active. It is turned off within a few days after the term ends. The Moodle messaging sends the email to the email address that the student has chosen in his or her Moodle profile. Moodle messaging is not available before the term begins and may be turned off shortly after the course ends