How do I make links in my course to resources on the Internet?

Information about creating links to web site on the Internet.

How do I link my course to resources on the Internet?

You can provide links to web sites that are on the Internet. These web sites can be movies, documents, and web sites for your course provided by textbook publishers as well as a web site for your course that you create outside of the Moodle program. (If your course has a AcademicWiki web site, within a few days of this site being active, the Moodle administrator will go to your Moodle site and add a link to the AcademicWiki site.)

Here are the steps to create such links:
1) Find or copy the URL (the web address) of the site. It must start with http
2) Go to your course in the Course Materials program (Moodle), turn editing on if it is not already on, and find the place where you would like for this link to appear.
3) Select "URL" from the "Add a resource" drop down menu.
4) Give this resource a name and description. The description is not very important.
5) Type or paste the URL into the "External URL" text box. Be sure there is not a double http at the beginning of this box.
6) Select "New window" from the "display" drop down menu if you want to have the link open up in a new window or tab (thus leaving the course website open as well). Otherwise select the "Same Window" option and when a person clicks on the link, the web site at the link will replace the Course Materials site in the browser.
7) Click "Save and return to course" at the bottom of the page.
8) Check out the link to verify that it works as desired.