How do I set up an on-line quiz?

Information about setting up an on-line quiz.

How do I set up an on-line quiz?

If you are using the Moodle grade book and plan to give more than one quiz, it probably is easiest if you go to the grade book and add a grade category for your quizzes before you start to set up an on-line quiz.

There are two steps to setting up an on-line quiz, 1) creating the quiz, and 2) creating the questions that will be in the quiz.

1) You turn editing on, decide where you want the link to the quiz to appear in the course page, and then, from the "Add an activity" drop down menu, you select "Quiz." Once you have given the quiz a title, the default values will usually be OK (but you can change them as desired). However, there are two things that may be confusing.

A) When creating a Quiz, the Moodle program provides a space called "Introduction." Some teachers want to insert one or more of the quiz questions into this space (especially if there is only one question in a quiz). The question(s) used in the quiz should not be put in the “Introduction.” Adding the questions to the quiz is discussed in #2 below.
B) If you have a quiz category in your grade book, be sure and select that category from "Common Module Settings" --> Grade category as you create the quiz.
When the information has been entered, click on the "Save and return to course" button at the bottom.

2) The second step is to create the question(s) that will be used in the quiz and add these questions to the quiz. The Moodle program allows you to use a variety of types of questions. If you use multiple choice, true/false, calculated, numerical, or matching question types, the program will grade the quiz question for you. If you use the "essay" type of question, you will have to grade the question by hand. If you expect the student to give a text answer to a question, I advise using the "essay" type of question even if you only expect one word as the answer. If you designate other question types, the computer may grade the text answers for you and slight differences, such as putting a space after the answer, may result in a different grade than what you would give if you were grading the question. The help button help button beside the "question type" drop down menu gives very useful information.
Once you have chosen the question type and put in the text for the question, the question will appear in the list of questions on the right side of the page. You must then select the question(s) and add them to the quiz which is displayed on the left side of the page. Click on "Save changes."

You can use the same question on several different quizzes.
If you have a lot of questions, you may want to organize them into different categories so that it is easier for you to find specific questions. You can create different categories by clicking on the "Categories" tab on the page where you make questions.

It is always wise to preview the quiz. I recommend that you do this with every quiz you create to be sure that students see what you want them to see.