How can I display letter rather than number grades?

Information about displaying letter grades.

How can I display letter rather than number grades?

The grade program in Moodle is set by default to average the grades that you post. Unless you want to change all of these default settings, it is best for you to enter number grades for your students even when you want letter grades to be displayed. In this manner, Moodle will average the grades correctly. If you enter something other than numbers when you want for letters to be displayed, the averages that students will see will not be correct.
So, here is a list of the numbers you should enter when you want Moodle to display the corresponding letters:

95 A
91 A-
88 B+
85 B
81 B-
78 C+
75 C
71 C-
68 D+
65 D
55 F
(If you need to display a D- grade, please contact me and I will help you edit the “Letters” table to display this grade correctly.)

Of course, if the student did not hand in anything, you might want to enter a zero. Anything between 59 and 0 will be displayed as an F. Similarly, anything between 93 and 100 will be displayed as an A.

By default when you enter a number grade, it is displayed as a number. However, it is easy to get the number grade displayed as a letter. Click on the "Categories and Items" tab in the grade book and click on the "Edit" icon for that item. Click on the "Show advanced" button on the right of the page. The grade type should be "Value" but the "Grade display type" should be "Letter."

Once you have made this change it is a good idea to go to the grade book, click on the "View" tab and User report link and select one or two students to be sure that they see what you want them to see.