Can I post copyrighted material?

This gives some information about what copyrighted material can be posted legally.

Can I post copyrighted material?

If access to copyrighted material is restricted to the students enrolled in the course, it may be legal to post some material. However, every case is different and there are a number of situations when posting copyrighted material is illegal. Please check with members of the library staff before posting copyrighted material, since every case is different.

If there is copyrighted material that is on a web site it is legal to post a link to that material on your course site. So, if you want your students to access an article, a movie (including movies posted in YouTube), a picture or diagram on a web site, etc., just post a link to that material on the course page. Sometimes there are pictures/images on web sites which you may want to include in a page or document in your course page. If there is no copyright notice on the web page, it usually is legal to copy the image to your computer, upload it to the course site in Moodle, and then use the Moodle utility to include it in the desired web pages or Moodle documents. However, if the picture comes from a web page where there is a copyright notice, it may not be legal for you to copy and use the picture. However, you can usually find the web address (URL) for the picture and have it appear in a Moodle document by using the link.

If you create PDF documents or scanned images that are copies of copyrighted materials check with the library staff to find out if posting these is legal.

PowerPoint presentations that include copyrighted material provided by the publisher of the course textbook can usually be posted in the course site as long as access is restricted to the students in the class. For PowerPoint presentations that include other copyrighted material, please check with the library staff.