How do I change (edit, delete, update) a posted document?

Information about editing or deleting or updating a document that you have posted.

How do I change (edit, delete, update) a posted document?

Once you have posted a file (a PDF, a PowerPoint, an Excel document, another type of document, a photo, etc.) it is easy to remove the file. Just go to the course page and turn editing on (button at top right of page) and click on the "Edit" drop down menu to the right of the file and click the delete icon (the "x").

Now, post the revised file as described in other documents on this page.

If you want to edit or update the file, it is usually best to delete and then upload the revised file. Right now the option to "Overwrite" the file sometimes doesn't seem to work.

(Not recomended) You can try to overwrite the file if you wish. To overwrite the file, click on the update icon. If you then click on the "Add" option and add the file (using the same name) the program may allow you to overwrite the file. If it doesn't, you can always go the the course page with editing on, click on the delete the file by clicking on the delete (the "x" beside the file) option, delete the file, and the post the revised file again.

In general to edit a file make sure you have a copy of the file on your own computer. After you have edited the file and saved the revised version on your computer, it is best to delete the file (as described above) that is posted in the course site and then post the revised file once again.

Please note: When you post an edited version of a file and then go to the course site to examine this new version, it is possible that your computer will remember and display the old version of the file. (Everyone else will see the new version.) If this happens, here is a way to examine the new version: Go to the file on the course site and right click the file and ask the computer to save the file with a slightly different name on your computer. When you now open this file (that you have saved on your computer) you will be able to see what the current file on the course site looks like.