How can I allow guests to access my course?

Information about allowing guest access to a course.

Allowing guest access

If you go to "Settings"-->r "Course administration" --> "Edit settings" (left side), you can change "Guest settings" --> "Allow guest access" from "no" to "Yes." By default, guests cannot see anything about your course except the course name, the course description, and who is teaching the course. If you allow guest access, guests can see things that you post for students and they can also see most material posted in Forums (discussions) and Wikis. They cannot see grades, any quizzes or assignments students have turned in, or the names of students in the class. However, if you allow guest access, guests can see the names of students as they participate in Forums (Discussions) unless you limit the view of these items to a group of the participants. To check on what guests can see, you can log out of the site and then choose "Log in as guest" and find your course and see what guests can see.

If you allow "Guest Access" (and this is encouraged by the admissions office if your course site doesn't contain copyrighted material) anyone can see the material you have posted. If you allow "Guest access" and enter a password anyone who knows the password can enter your course as a guest but other guests cannot. If you don't enter a password, anyone who comes to the course will be able to see the materials you have posted in the course.