How do I have students submit written assignments on Moodle?

Information about students submitting assignments electronically.

Asking students to submit assignments on Moodle

2CxSpMiddle">Rather than having students turn in their papers and other written assignments in class, you may ask them to submit an electronic copy on Moodle.This has the advantage of providing you with an electronic record of all work submitted for your course (and a historical record from term to term). If you choose to provide feedback electronically, which can also be done through Moodle, you will have an electronic record of all of your comments and grades as well.

2CxSpLast">To set up a link for student submissions, go to the location where you want the link on the course page, make sure the editing functionis turned on, click on the “Add an activity” drop-down menu, and select one of the four options under Assignments. The most common type of assignment is “Upload a single file” in which students can attach a file from their computer. Once you choose one of the four assignments, you will need to name the assignment, select the maximum grade for the assignment from the drop-down menu, and select the other options you prefer on that page. Professors often disable the “Due date” because, if a date is set, the submission link may no longer be available to students after that date.