How can I add student helpers, discussant colleagues, visitors, and other students to my course?

Information about adding people to a course or giving people access to a course.

Adding People to my Course

How can I add student helpers, discussant colleagues, visitors, and other students to my course?
When you click on the “Participant” link at the top left of your course page, the Moodle program displays the list of all participants in the course. This includes the following categories: “Teacher”, “Non-editing teacher”, “Student”, and “Auditing student.” Each category has different permissions. You, in the “Teacher” category have permission to and see more than people in other categories. To see what other categories can do and see, you can “Switch role to” (link on the left side of the course page under "Settings") another role and examine capabilities in that role.
Each night a program runs that synchronizes the Moodle “Student” roster for each course with the official registrar's roster. If you add a person not on the roll as a “Student,” the person will be removed. If you remove a “Student” still on the roll, the “Student” will be added back.
However, if the person has successfully logged into the MyEckerd page you can add that person as an "Auditing student." The person can see and do everything that a regular “Student” can do. Names entered as “Auditing student” will remain on the list unless manually removed.


  1. Click on the Settings -->Course administration--> Users --> Enrolled users link on the left side of the page. This page will now display all the people currently enrolled in your course. Beside each person there will be the role that the person has in your course.
  2. Click on the "Enrol Users" button. This button is usually above and to the far right of the list of users. A new window will open up.
  3. Choose the role (such as Auditing Student) that you want to give to the person you add.
  4. Below the names, enter the person's last name into the search box and click the "Enter" key on the keyboard on your computer.
  5. Click on the "Enrol" button beside the desired name. The person's name will move a little distance to the right, indicating that they are now enrolled in your class.
  6. Repeat the search and add if you want additional people.
  7. When you have added everyone click the "Finish Enrolling Users" button at the bottom.
  8. The person is now enrolled in your course.
If the person does not have an Eckerd College email address (and password), has not logged in to the MyEckerd page successfully, or needs to be assigned another role in the course, you will have to contact a Moodle administrator for help.

Many professors allow guests to access their courses. If you want to do this for specific people who can log in to the Course Materials site (Moodle) you can do this by following the steps above and click on “Guest” rather than “Auditing student.” If you want to let anybody access your course, this can be done by going to the course settings and changing the “Guest access” setting. This is described in the next

A guest can see everything that teachers post and can see what is posted in Wikis and in discussions, but cannot see grades, nor which students are in the course, nor post or edit anything, nor make any other changes. This is especially helpful for prospective students and students who are currently enrolled who may be interested in taking the course you are teaching. Guests do not need an Eckerd College email account