What can others see?

Information about what other people can see in a course.

what can others see?

By default the Course Material site only allows teachers and students enrolled in a course to see what is posted in a course. This means that anyone who goes to the entry page for this site can see the list of courses, the course description, and who the teacher is. By default the course description is taken from the catalog, but the teacher can change the course description.

You may want to allow others to see some or all of the postings in your course. This is encouraged by the Eckerd College Office of Admissions. A site has been set up so that prospective students (and others) can see some aspects of some of the excellent courses taught here. You can check out the site at http://www.eckerd.edu/academics/coursematerial and see what others can see about courses taught in your discipline. To get on this list, you either have to go to settings to allow guest access or use the Easy Posting option in your course.

If you allow guests to access your course, the guests can see everything that you post and everything entered into discussions (forums) and wikis. Guests cannot see a list of any of the students in the class, cannot access any of the quizzes or assignments, and cannot access the grade book. To check this out you may want to log out and then log back in as a guest.

If you do not allow guest access, then logged in people cannot enter your course either, unless they are enrolled in your course. Regular students, auditing students, non-editing teachers, and teachers are all people who are enrolled in your course.

Moodle administrators can see everything in your course and can help you out if anything goes wrong.