What is the easiest way to add files to a course site?

This Wiki describes the drag and drop method of adding files to a course.

Easiest way to add files

With most browsers when you turn editing on for a course, a message is displayed briefly indicating that you can drag and drop files into the course.

To do this,

  1. Find the folder on your computer where the document is (don't bother to open it but just find where it is).
  2. Open a browser to the place in your Moodle course page where you want the document to appear.
  3. Make this folder window and the browser window small enough so you can see both (not full screen).
  4. Drag the document onto the Moodle course page where you want it to appear.

The Moodle program will make a copy of the document in Moodle and put a link to the document on your course page. Students can now click on that link to access the document. You can move, hide, edit, delete, etc. the document as described in Wikis below.