What is the easiest way to add files to a course site?

This Wiki describes the drag and drop method of adding files to a course.

Easiest way to add files

To add a file in Moodle:

  1. Log in and go to the course where you want the file to appear.
  2. Turn editing on by clicking on the button at the top right. A notice should be shown briefly near the top of the page telling you that you can use the Drag and Drop method.
  3. Scroll in the course to the area where you want the document to end up.
  4. Leaving the course web site up, find the document (but do not open it) in some folder or area on your computer. Make the window where this document is displayed smaller than 1/4 of the screen size of your computer.
  5. Click down with your mouse and hold and drag the document to the place in the Moodle course site where you want the document to end up.
  6. Now release the document and the document will appear right there.
  7. Now you can move or edit the document as you wish.