What is Co-location?

Information about what co-location is and when it will occur.

What is Co-location?

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What is co-location?

Under ordinary conditions the computers (usually called servers) on the main Eckerd College campus are needed to provide many of the technologies described in these Moodle pages. Most of the information on these servers is constantly replicated, moment by moment, on servers located at another site. If the computers on the main campus have to be shut down due to a hurricane or other emergency, a procedure has been set up so that the servers at the other site can take over almost all of the functions of the servers on the main campus. It takes at least two hours for ITS to complete this “switch” and users may need to close a page in their browser or other connections to the Eckerd College computers so that the switch can be made. But once the switch is completed, you and other users will not notice a difference; the co-located Eckerd web sites will function normally. People who go to the page at , for example, will still see the same web sites.